Eligen B12

The first and only non-prescription tablet for people with clinical B12 deficiency.

Now you can help patients maintain normal B12 levels without a needle. Eligen B12 is the first and only once-daily oral non-prescription tablet shown to normalize B12 levels without inconvenient injections.

The Science of B12 Absorption

The Science of B12 Absorption

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B12 molecule.


B12 across the gastric lining.


B12, regardless of intrinsic factor.

Eligen Technology

Eligen® Technology is specifically designed to allow patients to absorb an oral B12 formulation independent of intrinsic factor.1

  • Does not modify the chemical structure of B122
  • Is an inactive ingredient in the body2
  • Eligen B12™ should be taken with 50 mL of water. The binding between SNAC (salcaprozate sodium) and Eligen B12™ is tenuous by design and if taken with large quantities of water could reduce the amount of Eligen B12™ that can pass through the gastric lining1

Eligen™ Technology uses SNAC, a carrier that helps chaperone B12 through the gastric lining.1

  • Allows patients who are unable to absorb B12 intestinally to still take oral medication to resolve their B12 deficiency3

Both the Eligen B12™ SNAC carrier and B12 have met the requirements of GRAS* status from the FDA.5


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A prescription medical food is an FDA product classification. Medical foods are formulated to be consumed or administered orally under medical supervision and are intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements are established by medical evaluation. Eligen B12™ is a medical food available by prescription for patients who have a medically diagnosed vitamin B12 deficiency, associated with a disease or condition, that cannot be managed by a modification of normal diet alone.1,4