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What Is Eligen B12?

The first and only oral treatment for B12 deficiency

Eligen B12 is for people with clinically low B12 levels. It is a once-daily oral treatment that normalizes B12 levels without inconvenient injections.

Prescription strength B12 without the needle

People with dangerously low B12 levels don’t need injections to return B12 levels to normal. eligen B12 has a special technology that makes sure your body gets the B12 it needs be taking a pill just once a day.

Data shows that taking Eligen B12 daily gives better results than monthly injections.
Why can't I just use a B12 supplement?

In many people with low B12 levels, vitamin B12 supplements aren’t enough. If your doctors has recommended other B12 therapies, it could be because your digestive system doesn’t absorb the B12 very well through your diet or oral supplements.

If you’re someone who doesn’t absorb vitamin B12 well, over-the-counter vitamin B12 pills are not enough to bring your B12 up to a normal level.

B12 Deficiency can cause serious problems. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Learn about the risks of low B12 and how Eligen B12 can help.

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B12 Deficiency is more common than you think.
Are you at risk?

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Get more information about how Eligen B12 can help.

Intended for U.S. Residents Only

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