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“I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and I couldn’t absorb vitamins and had to give myself liquid b12 injections daily. This was a scary and stressful experience. I would dread having to inject myself and it was also painful. My doctor told me about Eligen B12 and it has been such a life saver. My body is able to absorb b12 with a daily pill. Eligen B12 has made my life so much simpler and painless.”

“I have been using Eligen B12 for over two years.  It is the only product that helped me get my B12 levels back in the normal range.  It significantly improved how I felt, including the pains I was having in my feet.”

My Doctor prescribed Eligen B12 3 months ago. It has improved my life. I have more energy, have returned to doing my normal activities. It has made a significant  positive change in how I feel & how I have returned to my life style. Thank you

When you sold Eligen B12 100 mcg through Life Extension I took it to increase my B12.  Not only did it increase my B12, it also increased my hemoglobin which nothing has ever increased before since I have Thalasemia B Minor.  On 8-17-17 my hemoglobin was 9.8 and after taking the Eligen B12 1000 mcg for less than 2 months it had increased to 11.5 on 10-17-17.  These blood tests did not include B12, but I am sure it was still high as it has been on all previous tests from a sublingual B12 I was taking.

As you can see, you have something very special in your Eligen B12.

My sister was prescribed this form of B12 by her physician- she said it did the trick for her & told me about it . Well, I went online to find out more about it & was so happy it isn’t a prescription medication any more. I have absorption difficulties with my gut & B12 is always deficient when my blood work is checked. I’ve tried several forms of B 12 & it’s difficult for me to get my levels normal & then keep it normal. I’ve ordered this from you now & I can’t wait to see if works well on me! I’ll let you know if I get normal B12 levels with my next lab work. Thanks so much!

I worked in Pharmacy for many years and was well aware of absorption issues with many supplements including vitamin B-12.

There are many options still available other than injections.

I had researched this product and decided to see if someone had come up with an answer to a tough solution….Proper absorption of this important nutrient.

I bought and have now taken the proper dosage for a week.  I’m sold. Well Done.

It’s a bit high on the cost side and this may lose new business.  Try it for yourself to decide.

You can monitor this activity with lab work through your physician.  I’m convinced the results will confirm the efficacy.

Thank you for the opportunity.

I have taken Eligen B12 in the past & had great results. At that time my B12 levels were low & over the counter B12 did not help. So I took Eligen B 12. My B12 levels went up to normal & my fatigue was gone. I had much more daily energy and felt really good.

I would recommend it to older people who need more B12. You will feel great.

Thank you

I had a partial thyroidectomy in 2014, then a complete thyroidectomy in 2015.  Since then I struggle daily to have energy simply to get out of bed, exercise and go to work.  I’ve tried everything, and noticed the Eligen B12 in my doctors office and inquired about it.  To make a long story short, I’ve been taking Eligen ever since.

I am truly grateful this medication is available, because it has definitely helped to boost my daily energy level.  Thank you so very much!!!!

Eligen B12™ has improved my quality of life greatly.  I suffer from pernicious anemia.  In the past, I went to my doctor’s office every seven to ten days for an injection of B12. Additionally, when there were shortages of the serum, I was instructed to take over the counter B12 vitamins daily, at least twice a day.

However, my ability to tolerate the shots declined over time, including lightheadedness, dizziness, and fainting.  This culminated in the news that I would have to check in to the hospital each time for the injection, observation and possible admission.  I was overwhelmed by the possible cost and time this might entail, though I knew my doctor’s advice was in my best interest.

Then, before I had to undergo a hospital admission, the doctor called to let me know about Eligen B12™.  I ordered it from our prescription mail order pharmacy – 90 days worth for more than $600, because it wasn’t covered by insurance, coming under the category of supplements.  Life giving supplements, not covered!

When the doctor ordered labs to check my B12 levels, they were fine, so he said to stick with the Eligen B12™.

Later I received the e-mail from Emisphere Technologies, Inc., offering a better price than my prescription service.  I have been a happy, healthy Eligen B12™ consumer ever since.  Emisphere’s customer service is top notch, and the representatives, I think, truly care about patients. Thank you, Emisphere Technologies, Inc., for giving me back a healthier life and a happier outlook!

Eligen is the only b12 medicine I could take.  I have pernicious anemia and it’s the only thing that helps increase my B12 numbers.  I used to do the shots of b12 medicine, but this is so much easier and I love that the pills are tiny.

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and I couldn’t absorb vitamins and had to give myself liquid b12 injections daily. This was a scary and stressful experience. I would dread having to inject myself and it was also painful. My doctor told me about Eligen B12 and it has been such a life saver. My body is able to absorb b12 with a daily pill. Eligen B12 has made my life so much simpler and painless.

I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia about 13 years ago. Up until a year ago I had been receiving monthly B12 injections. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to take time out of my busy schedule to run over to my PCP’s office to get my monthly injections so I always end up missing injections and as a result my levels end up all over the place. I can’t say enough how excited I am to be able to have access to Eligen B12. One tablet daily, is all I need. I have had no side effects and because my B12 levels are now consistent I feel so much better. My lab work has reflected the efficacy of the Eligen B12. Thank you for putting in the investment to bring to market this life changing medication.

About 5 months ago I had routine blood work done.  This was, however, the first time any of my physicians tested my B12 levels.  I was surprised to find out that my B12 level was very low at 191 pg/ml.  While my doctor and I were unable to figure out the cause of my low levels, he decided I should give myself daily B12 injections to get my levels back to normal.  I detest needles and the idea of injecting myself made me cringe. I asked him for other options I could try.  He recommended Eligen B12.  Unfortunately, when I brought his prescription to my pharmacy, I discovered that insurance would not cover the drug and it would be quite expensive to purchase.  Reluctantly, I instead treated myself with drugstore sublingual B12 drops.  This lasted for a few months until I received a wonderful email from Emisphere announcing that Eligen B12 was now to be sold without a prescription.  I immediately purchased my first bottle.  I took it for a month and then stopped for two weeks prior to my next scheduled blood test. I am happy to report my numbers are now at normal levels (494 pg/ml).  My doctor still wants me to continue B12 supplements for the next 6 months to get the levels even higher.  While we don’t know the cause of my deficiency, my doctor fears I will have to supplement B12 for the rest of my life.  I am so glad that this means I just have to take a pill instead of injecting myself daily or weekly.  Thank you Eligen B12!

I have been using Eligen B12 instead of biweekly injections & it has worked to maintain my B12 level.

My doctor recommended I try this as I currently require weekly injections. It has not eliminated my need for injections, but it has reduced the frequency. Due to a health issue I require more than most. My husband does not have any health issues and they work great for him without any injections. It is fast and easy to take which makes it an excellent option. So glad it is available over the counter now as it was too expensive for us when it was prescription only. Hopefully the price will lower even more.

I was diagnosed with moderate/severe polyneuropathy 3 1/2 years ago in 2014 and was vitamin b12- deficient. My ankles, feet, hands, and fingers were swollen, numb and painful. Soon after, I started to take 1000 micrograms of Eligen B12 every 3rd day which provided some relief so I began to take it every 2 days and eventually every day. Recently I have taken Eligen B 12 twice per day once at bedtime for relief. Eligen B12 is exceptional and is the only medication that has given me relief and sharply reduced my pain and numbness.

My gastro Dr recommended I take this product instead of the injections due to the positive research results on it. I have been taking it for a couple of years now for my pernicious anemia and it’s done the trick!! Positive blood tests every time and it’s helped my energy level. This is a great product and I totally recommend trying it!

So far this has been a great help to me! I’ve been taking these daily for a couple months and have noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels over other B12 supplements such as oral drops.

I was having to take weekly B12 injections in order to keep my levels in a good place. My doctor recommended Eligen as a replacement to the injections and it has been a tremendous benefit. My doctor is still monitoring my levels, and I hope to be free from IM injections soon, or at least reducing them to once a month or less. I’m so happy to find a solution for B12 deficiency that doesn’t require injections the rest of my life!

I have a documented B12 deficiency and had been taking high doses of B12 supplements yet still feeling fatigued. The usual treatment for B12 deficiency is injectable supplementation, and as I didn’t prefer that option, I began taking Eligen B12 when it was available only by prescription, about a year ago; after a few months noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level. I would definitely recommend this product when indicated.

I am so happy to see that I can now purchase Eligen B12 form Amazon. My doctor wanted me to take injections for my B12 deficiency, but I heard about Eligen B12 and asked my doctor if I could take the Eligen instead of the injections. She agreed and has been amazed with my results! My levels went from the low 200’s to 1,000. It has improved my energy, and I feel great! I would recommend this product to anyone who has a B12 deficiency.

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